Flexport’s new e-commerce tool to help online firms manage supply and goods delivery

Flexport has launched a new e-commerce tool for online firms that allows them to manage the supply and delivery of goods.

Merchants can also access fulfillment and last-mile delivery services for Shopify and Amazon’s Seller Fulfilled Prime program, as well as for their own e-commerce stores.

The new service will connect the forwarders international services with its e-commerce fulfillment operation, acquired from Shopify last year, to allow customers to ship products from factories into retail networks.

“All these integrations enable merchants to form a single pool of inventory, allowing Flexport customers to sell everywhere without the need to manage multiple providers,” the company said.

It also added that the new service also provides “one-click access to more than 20 supply chain services on a single page, enabling entrepreneurs to seamlessly sell in more places and automate the movement of their products from factory floor to customer door”.

Flexport also offers two-day and next-day delivery on more than 20 e-commerce marketplaces, including Shopify, Walmart, and eBay storefronts.

The basic system is free, but Flexport is also launching a membership program, Flexport+, that provides supply chain financing, priority shipping services, and extra service support.

The company said that the priority handling can cut shipping times by up to 15% and the financing includes up to 120-day term financing to enable companies to “pay as you sell” to save on inventory storage costs.