CHAMP Cargosystems and Metamaze Launch A2Z Scan to Digitize Air Waybill Processing

With more than 60 million Air Waybills (AWBs) typed and compared by hand, CHAMP Cargosystems has partnered with Metamaze to launch A2Z Scan to digitalize the processing of paper Air Waybills reducing the average human error rate and generating time savings of up to 80%.     

CHAMP A2Z Scan was designed to give airlines and ground handling agents (GHAs) the ability to bypass this time-consuming manual labour, instead uploading digital AWBs to a specially designed AI scanner, which turns the image into text and compares the data automatically. 

Boosted by CHAMP’s open neo cargo platform   and leading API program, CHAMP A2Z Scan automatically looks up any corresponding AWB data in your cargo management system – such as Cargospot    – and automates the comparison between the two. The system then highlights any discrepancies for manual adjustments. 

From these manual adjustments, the AI software compiles new information which it can apply to future AWB scans, reducing the need for future manual corrections. 

“We are delighted to have partnered with CHAMP Cargosystems on this joint venture,” says Jo Cijnsmans, partnership manager at Metamaze.  “Together, we have created a solution that is future-proof for our customers, significantly freeing time and resources for their day-to-day operations.”

“CHAMP and Metamaze had a joint vision to enable our customers to scan all documents travelling with each shipment and have it all automatically processed by artificial intelligence,” says Lucas Fernandez, VP Innovation and Insights at CHAMP Cargosystems. “Through our collaboration, our customers have an efficient and innovative solution that no longer requires manual data capture, enhancing the way they operate.”