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Cooking and outdoor activities for this DFW executive

As the Executive Vice President of Global Strategy and Development at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, John Ackerman leads the airport’s efforts to improve its global profile. In this role, he oversees the airport’s Airline Relations, Cargo, Research and Analytics, and Government Relations functions.

Ackerman who joined DFW in January 2015 leads the company’s efforts to raise its global profile through international air service and business development. He plays a key role in developing the Airport’s strategic plan, which focuses on being the premier gateway between Asia and Latin America for both passengers and cargo.

Before joining DFW airport, Ackerman worked as the Chief Commercial Officer at Denver International Airport, was a pilot and executive at United Airlines, and was a Senior Director of Product Management at Standard & Poor’s.

“I have been an aviation professional for virtually my entire career, with a roughly equal split between military aviation, airlines, and airports.While I started as a pilot, I found that combining my love of flying with the business of airports and airlines is where my true passion lies. I enjoy building things- teams, businesses, and strategies,” he tells Air Cargo Update.

His favorite pastimes include any outdoor activities.

“I like almost any outdoor activitydistance running and stand up paddleboarding as oen as possible, hiking and climbing in the mountains of Colorado whenever I can get away. I am also passionate about animals, and I am founate to serve on the board of two nonprofit organizations dedicated to
helping animals,” he shared.

Ackerman adores cooking because it grants him both freedom and creativity. Not to mention, with cooking comes eating—and who doesn’t love that?

Ackerman’s favorite quote is from American celebrity chef, author and travel documentarian Anthony Michael Bourdain.

“If I’m an advocate for anything, it’s to move. As far as you can, as much as you can. Across the ocean, or simply across the river. Walk in someone else’s shoes or at least eat their food. It’s a plus for everybody.”

Bourdain’s inquisitiveness regarding various places and people he visited continue to inspire Ackerman to explore new opportunities. “I thoroughly enjoy learning and trying new things – when I travel, I return with an abundance of new friends, experiences, flavors and memories.”

If Ackerman wasn’t an aviation professional, he would have taken up the role as a banker.

“I would likely have pursued a career in banking if I had not discovered my passion for aviation. The beauty of the aviation industry is the vast array of potential positions – from airlines and airports to manufacturers and finance, there is a role to fit any interests and skillset.”

Ackerman eagerly anticipates being able to travel freely again, reconnecting with business colleagues globally and exploring new places, and having novel experiences.

How this IBS executive spends his leisure time: Netflix and Books

Ashok Rajan

Senior Vice President, IBS Software

Ashok Rajan is a senior vice president at IBS Software which offers SaaS solutions for airline operations, crew operations, airline passenger services, loyalty programs, air-cargo management, and MRO.

With over 20 years of experience in conceptualizing and developing products for the travel and transportation industry, Ashok is now responsible for the flagship iCargo product line. He is committed to building and executing a successful strategy for the continued growth of the company.

“I’ve been involved in the tech industry for my entire professional life, and I like to think of myself as a freight technologist. I have a background in computer engineering, and I’ve done everything from coding to design to implementation. Now I’m running the business, and my mantra is to build and support your team and watch the magic happen,” Rajan tells Air Cargo Update.

Rajan is a huge fan of sports, “even though I’m not particularly good at any of them. I love following events, records and sportspeople”.

After a long day of work, Rajan relaxes by watching Netflix on television with his feet up. He has a remote control in one hand and a book in the other, enjoying some well-deserved leisure time.

Rajan’s favorite quote is in Hindi but loosely translates to “Raise yourself to such levels of excellence that when the almighty writes your destiny, he asks you – ‘Son what is your heart’s desire?’

“I look up to a number of leaders in business, sport or politics who believe that investing into teams and people will give you outcomes and success and not the other way round.

“If I weren’t into aviation, I probably would have tried a hand at sports journalism”.

Rajan sees 2022 as a year of opportunity, when the world will start to rebound from the challenges of the past year.

“I believe the airline industry will begin to return to normalcy, and the air freight industry will build on the progress it has made in recent months. I am hopeful that digital technology will play a key role in this new chapter,” he concludes.

Triathlon and DIY home projects for this Hermes CEO

Founded in 2002, Hermes Logistics Technologies has developed cargo management systems for airlines and air cargo handlers which find its bespoke solutions and systems to be among the most versatile and sophisticated, streamlining ground handling processes and maximizing profits while reducing handling errors through inbuilt best practices.

The company works with a wide range of other companies, from smaller cargo handlers to large airlines all over the world. It counts Etihad, PCF, FCS, Menzies and PACTL, among its customers.

Yuval Baruch (55), is the CEO of Hermes Logistics Technologies. Israel is his homeland, but he has spent considerable time in the UK, the US and Italy. Baruch is married with two sons (aged 26 & 23) and a daughter (22).

“Academically I have a Bachelor’s degree in business from the College of Academic Studies in Tel Aviv and a Master’s degree in business from Stanford Graduate School of Business in California,” Baruch tells Air Cargo Update.

“My main hobby is triathlon which takes up a large amount of my limited free time. I do Ironman competitions and training that starts at 4:30am to be completed before work and between 2-4 hours training on weekends. I also enjoy doing DIY projects around my house. Currently, I am in the process of building an outdoor kitchen with a barbecue in my backyard.”

Last year, Baruch spent four days cycling the length of Israel with his triathlon club, MyWay. The group made of around 80 cyclists covered an impressive 630 kilometers, cycling for an average of 5.5 hours per day in sweltering heats of up to 35 degrees Celsius. The cyclists also climbed a total of about 6,400 meters on their bikes during the tour.

“It’s boring to do the same things all the time, so we look for other things to do,” Baruch shared on Hermes website. “The cycling tour was a really good strength-building exercise and good preparation for longer cycling competitions, like Ironman, which is 180 kilometres in a day.”

Baruch likes to unwind after a long day by listening to music and watching Netflix.

His favorite quote is about AUTHENTICITY by Michal Jordan: “Authenticity is about being true to who you are, even when everyone around you wants you to be someone else.”

He looks up to professional athletes due to their drive, commitment, perseverance and winner nature.

“I also look up to my wife for her huge heart and emotional capabilities,” he shared.

When asked what his profession would be if he weren’t an aviation expert, Baruch replied that he would love to compete in some motor sport.

Baruch’s expectation for 2022 are, “Professionally, I would like to have further firmed the growth and restructuring of HLT and I would like to complete one more Ironman competition.”

Tennis, Hiking, Reading, Spirituality & Mindfulness for this WFS SVP

Born and raised in India, Mohammed Esa has been working for the last 30 years in many emerging markets, in global leadership, commercial and operational roles in the transportation and logistics industries.

“I have spent the last 18 years at Agility, living in Hong Kong, Dubai & finally settled down in Basel, Switzerland. In addition to that, I also spent 13 years at Emirates Airline, in various roles of Finance, Operations & BD,” Esa shared.

Esa’s favorite quote is from anything by ‘Rumi’ whose quotes transcend time and make you reflect. He also looks up to humble leaders like Mahatma Gandhi.

“I find that I am most in tune with my spirituality when I am doing an activity like playing tennis, hiking, reading or participating in mindfulness. Mental clarity, and a sense of calm is what I find most relaxing. I tend to gravitate towards activities that are calming in nature, and with meditation being incorporated into my weekly routine, I am more grounded and present in my everyday life.

“On weekends, I am usually reading 2 books simultaneously. I read to unwind at the end of a long day, spend time outdoors getting in a walk and some fresh air and occasionally cook as well. The evenings are also to catch up with the kids, hear their stories of the day and learn more about the world from them. They are an amazing source of knowledge,” Esa tells Air Cargo Update.

Esa who holds an MBA degree from Bradford University, UK. He was appointed this year as Worldwide Flight Services (WFS) Senior Vice President, Group Commercial Business Development & Strategy.

Esa, as he’s known to friends and colleagues, have spent the last 18 years at Agility Logistics, most recently as SVP Global Business Development & Global Lead Digital Customer Solutions. In this role, he was responsible for shaping and executing Agility’s commercial strategy, building long-term customer relationships across various industry sectors, and overseeing the deployment of new and emerging technology solutions.

At WFS, Esa’s mission is to develop and oversee the implementation of WFS’ commercial development strategies to ensure a fully integrated commercial approach to drive future growth. He will also help to identify and develop new lines of business and focus on the development of digital solutions which support WFS’ customer experience and organic growth.

Esa notes that if he weren’t an aviation guy he would probably have ended up as a sports commentator.

“Being a sports fan and an ardent follower of tennis & cricket, I would have probably ended up being a commentator or involved somehow in the operational running of one of these sports through youth academies, sports councils, etc.”


Scuba diving and spending time with family for this CEVA’s executive

Thorsten Pook’s career started as a logistics apprentice, which began in Germany. In 1995, he began his international career in Hong Kong as a trainee. He gained more international experience in India, Singapore, Qatar, Egypt, Turkey and since 2016, now resides in the UAE.

“Whatever little time left when working in the logistics industry is spend with the family. I enjoy scuba diving with my daughters and I recently also fulfilled a dream of mine in owning a classic car,” he told Air Cargo Update.

Pook loves to unwind by going for a walk with his dog or go on a long drive.

His favorite quote is by the late American business magnate, industrial designer, media proprietor and investor Steve Jobs, who was also the co-founder, chairman and CEO of Apple.

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life,” (Steve Jobs).

Referring to his earlier statement from his favorite quote, he referred ‘connecting the dots’ as “I am happy to have chosen the logistic industry. There were other plans of becoming a Brewmaster”.

Looking forward to 2022, Pook stated, “I am always positive that 2022 will bring many good things, while we have to be ready to face the challenges that might come along our way. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is to be agile and flexible to quickly adjust to new situations. It is important that we always remember that we are a large global community and do not forget the key foundations of our work; bringing together different people in different parts of the world”.

Pook is married and has two daughters.cc

Biking, reading & computer gaming for this global marketing executive from Peli BioThermal

With more than 25 years of marketing experience on his career portfolio, US Coast Guard veteran Adam Tetz joined Peli BioThermal seven years ago.

The US-based Peli BioThermal has the widest range of temperature-controlled packaging and service solutions for the global life sciences industry and Adam’s job is to tell its story, create its brand identity, product launch and communication strategy for its increasing markets worldwide.

“This is the first time I’m leading a marketing department so it has been challenging and fulfilling in many ways. I have previously been a product manager but being a department head has been a good professional achievement for me and it’s enjoyable,” Adam told Air Cargo Update.

“I have managed people before in previous roles but my current position is much more in-depth, dealing with legal teams on trademarks and all the classic marketing elements, including website development and managing public relations,” added Adam who has two adult daughters and lives in the Twin Cities of Minnesota in the US.

Adam is a veteran of the United States Coast Guard. He has studied at the University of Minnesota and completed his BA in Advertising and MBA in Marketing at the University of Saint Thomas.

He spends his free time, biking around Minnesota and elsewhere in the US, even during extremely cold weather conditions.
“I bike year-round, including when there is ice and snow on the ground and I have special bike which has studs on its specialized tires. I enjoy cycling, reading and computer gaming, which isn’t surprising since I have a background in software. I have a list of World War Two American warships that I have been travelling to visit across the US and so far, I have made it through all of the Iowa class battleships and most of the aircraft carriers.

“I don’t have a deadline for visiting all of these vessels. On last year’s East Coast trip, I took a combination of a flight, train and car trip to see four of the vessels. I made the trip with my fiancé so it was a combination of vacation and effort to go and see the ships. There are around 50 on my list and so far, I have visited about a third of them.

“I am a big PC gamer and currently I am playing a World War Two strategy game”.

Adam loves to unwind by cooking steaks on his grill and having martini, while listening to Frank Sinatra.

The marketing executive’s favorite quote is from earlier in his career by his previous boss, “We need to make our mistakes faster”—which he believes is a widely spread quote within the business community.

Adam’s favorite poem is ‘Do not go gentle into that good night’ by Dylan Thomas.

“I have a metaphor for his poem as a tattoo on my left arm. Another poignant quote, which I have on display in my office, which I discovered when my eldest daughter was born, is by William Shakespeare – “Ruin hath taught me thus to ruminate. That time will come and take my love away. This thought is as a death, which cannot choose. But, weep to have that which it fears to lose.”

Jogging & swimming for this Volga-Dnepr Group Marketing Director

Fedor Novikov graduated from university majoring in analytics, at the same time, paying particular attention to languages. Fresh out of university, he began his career as a logistics specialist of Borets Company, LLC in 2010 responsible for supply-chain development and precise attention to import-export flows to/from Russia and international logistics.

He joined the international team of AirBridgeCargo Airlines (part of Volga-Dnepr Group) as analyst in Route Network and Fleet Development Department in 2012 and built a career up to the position of Marketing Director, Volga-Dnepr Group.

“I think that a major part of my career path is driven by my innovative, forward-thinking, and result-oriented approach towards work, coupled with leadership skills (which I work on to upscale), personal commitment, and business-related knowledge. At the same time, I still pay particular attention to lifetime learning – I am a Master of Science (PhD in 2018) in Organizational management (transport) at Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation, have broadened and deepened my knowledge with IATA CEIV Certificate (2016), IATA Cargo IQ Certificate (2015), IATA Quality, Audit and Risk management, Temperature-Controlled Cargo Operations diplomas, and Various Executive Management Development Courses, both in-house and external,” he tells Air Cargo Update.

Fedor’s hobbies include jogging as it helps him relax. He is also a big fan of swimming.

“I love jogging as this is the perfect time for me to relax, think over everything what is on my mind, structure it and head for a new day. I am also a huge fan of swimming and have been preparing for triathlon competition, however, the pandemic has slightly changed my plans. Hopefully with the ease of situation I will be able to move one step closer towards my goal.”

Fedor believes that being agile, resilient and taking an extra mile is the solution to battling COVID-19 in the air cargo industry,

“I think the company, as well as all the workers, have become more agile and resilient. It seems like there is a solution to every problem, sometimes you just have to go an extra mile, but everything is possible. Also, the pandemic has shifted our mindset and served as a trigger to go beyond our regular air freight services embracing the whole spectrum of logistics solutions and the whole supply chain journey.  This is not only about the company but also about the people who are behind the scenes and ramp up this ‘forward motion’”.

Fedor is a fan of Elon Musk, CEO and Founder of Tesla Company. He believes Musk to be one of the forward-thinkers who goes beyond his time. According to Fedor, Musk’s revolutionary ideas are transforming our world and might influence the way people we live in future.

“One of my favorite quotes is – ‘We need to figure out how to have the things we love, and not destroy the world’ as it echoes not only my beliefs but also Volga-Dnepr’s DNA and values – my second home and family. We have spent a lot of time thinking how we could adapt our strategy, map out ESG focus to guarantee life-saving logistics solutions for our customers worldwide.

“2021 has been challenging both from professional and personal perspective. But this has also been the year of massive opportunities and rapid growth. We think that 2022 will not be easier, however logistics has never been an easy industry to work in. There is something new every day and this is what still fascinates me – lifetime learning and ability to develop,” Fedor concludes.

Transcendental Meditation 2x a day for 20 minutes for this busy CEO

Assume that you’re the head of a major international airline, and every day, you have to deal with different major decisions in your line of business. With that comes the challenges as well emanating from your operations that span across the globe.

Sure, you have different department heads to handle everything that comes within their responsibilities. But ultimately, they will depend on your sound judgment and business acumen to deal with all situations. And that requires a lot for your mental health.

So, how do you take care of your brain to keep it sane and healthy in the midst of difficult decisions to make, mundane daily challenges and a future to build for the business? You meditate.

That’s exactly what Ben Minicucci, the Chief Executive Officer of Alaska Air Group, the parent company of Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air. The two airlines carry approximately more than 45 million passengers a year on 1,300 daily flights to 115 destinations throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and Costa Rica.

Under Ben’s leadership, Alaska Air Group has maintained growth despite the difficult times and had created an airline that people love. And to Ben, doing transcendental meditation twice a day for 20 minutes gives him clarity of thoughts, balance and calm.

In a blog posted on Alaska Air, Ben was asked, “Rumor has it, you’re trained in mindfulness or practice meditation. How does that play a role in your life and as a leader?

To which he replied, “I’ve been really diligent about it, especially in the last six months. I actually took a course in transcendental meditation, which is an easy type of meditation. And I do it twice a day for 20 minutes. What I love about it is it calms me down.

“These jobs can get really stressful, and it helps me find balance. The second thing that I love is it gives me clarity of thought. So, as you’re bouncing from one topic to another, one meeting to another, it helps give me clarity so I can be the best for those I work with and focus on what’s important. I am actually addicted to it now. When I don’t do it, I find that maybe I’m not at my best. So, it’s really helped me.”

And he could have found the perfect relief for a tough job like his. The brain is a complex organ that controls our thoughts, memories, emotions, touch, motor skills, vision, breathing, temperature, hunger and every process that regulates our body, need some “me” time, various studies have shown.

A UCLA study showed long-term meditators had better-preserved brains as they age as opposed to those who don’t. Yale University found that mindfulness meditation decreases activity in the default mode network (DMN), the brain network responsible for mind-wandering and self-referential thoughts – a.k.a., “monkey mind.” And John Hopkins says mindfulness meditation has the ability to reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, and pain.

Ben joined Alaska in 2004 as staff vice president of maintenance. Before joining Alaska, he spent seven years serving in a variety of roles at Air Canada’s technical operations and, ultimately, vice president of heavy maintenance. He served in the Canadian Armed Forces for 14 years prior to joining the private aviation sector.

Ben holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Royal Military College of Canada. He’s currently on the board of directors for Alaska Air Group, Washington Roundtable, and the University of Washington Michael G. Foster School of Business Center for Leadership & Strategic Thinking.

Ben’s Firsts & Favorites:

First job in aviation: The Canadian Armed Forces.
First time on an airplane: “I was about 10 when I visited my grandparents in Italy. I can’t remember what type of aircraft or airline but remember sitting by the L1 door and it was very noisy.”
Favorite travel destination: Hawaii.
Must-pack item for any flight: Workout clothes.
Favorite sport: Cycling trips with friends. “We’ve been to Corsica, we’ve been to Italy, France, Spain – I just love doing big weeklong bike trips around the world.”
One thing people are surprised to learn about you: “My taste in movies. I love to laugh, and I love movies that are silly – like Will Ferrell movies. Everything from ‘Talladega Nights’ to ‘Wedding Crashers’ to ‘We’re the Millers.’ A lot of people think I’m into sophisticated stuff, but I just want to watch movies that make me laugh.” Source: www.blogalaskaair.com


Books, tennis and vermiculture for this pioneering air cargo executive in India

The pandemic is keeping the air cargo industry busy hauling all sorts of goods, e-commerce, medical cargo and billions of COVID-19 vaccines.

China and India, the world’s two most populous nations, home to 1.418 billion and 1.38 billion people, respectively, get the job done the most. Not only are they producing so much medical supplies for their own population but the world as well.

China, the world’s factory, produces much of the global demand for medical supplies while India is on high demand for pharmaceuticals, medical raw materials and yes, vaccines, COVID-19 included.

Their output requires a lot of services from the global transport industry—air, land or sea—to reach countries across continents.

In India, the air cargo industry puts up a lot of work to accomplish this. Blue Dart Aviation, part of the Deutsche Post DHL Group with 70% stock shares, is one of the busiest among the country’s many air cargo carriers.

The company serves domestic routes within India and amid the pandemic, made its first international flights between India and China.

The cargo airline is managed by Tulsi Nowlakha Mirchandaney, one of women pioneers in India’s burgeoning aviation/air cargo industry. She has so far spent more than 50 years in the industry yet continues to inspire others who want to break the barriers.

She began her aviation career in 1970 working for Japan Airlines as ticketing and reservations staff. In 1972, JAL pulled out of its Calcutta office due to political uncertainties. Tulsi took on the task of clearing the cargo entrusted to the airline and went on to operate its offline location. In 1982, she moved to Mumbai to open JAL’s office in the city, and subsequently, to Cochin and Hyderabad.

An engineering student before she got hired at JAL, Tulsi suddenly found herself in the less glamorous side of aviation but she knew she has found her calling.

“It wasn’t a woman’s job, and I was once jokingly refused a training course because I had to shower afterwards with the boys. That was before gender equality gained momentum,” she told Runway Girl Network in an interview. “The initial stumbling steps blossomed into a lifelong romance. Each day that I see my aircraft successfully take off with my loads, I know that I’ve defied gravity in more ways than one.”

“Life can be unfair, for both men and women. One needs to weed out and ignore the irrelevant that may be hurtful,” she shared in the same interview. After working for JAL, she later joined Air France to head its cargo operations. With her vast experience in the air cargo industry, she was later tapped to head Blue Dart Aviation, the only cargo airline that sustained its operations in India for the past 25 years.

Under Tulsi’s leadership the cargo airline grew to become one of the biggest in India with a workforce of more than 1,200. She has been instrumental in expanding the company’s dedicated infrastructure across airports, and bringing about policy changes in civil aviation to include the significant role of air express, and support the distinctive requirements for the sustainability of the cargo airline industry
in the country.

Today, Tulsi is an all-inspiring woman in India’s growing air cargo industry. She served as the Co-Chairperson on the Confederation of the India’s National Committee for Civil Aviation (2019-20 and 2020-21), the Confederation of Indian Industry’s National Committee for
Logistics. She also serves on the Governing Council of Birla Institute of Technology – School of Management, a board member of Blue Dart Express and Air Cargo Forum India.

And when she’s not busy, Tulsi, who has an MBA degree in International Aviation from Canada’s Concordia University in Montreal, reads books or play tennis. A friend of the environment, Tulsi is also into vermiculture.

Family, faith, community, marathons, football & golf for Delta’s CEO

Delta, the most profitable airline in the world which serves nearly 370 destinations in six continents, had just released its 2020 bonus checks when the COVID-19 outbreak hit. Within a month into the turbulent global aviation scene due to the virus, the airline lost about 95 percent of its revenues, according to media reports

But Delta’s strength of character prevailed thanks to the power of strong leadership that its CEO, Ed Bastian, showed to ensure that the airline survives the crisis.

Bastian, who leads a team of 75,000 globally, reminded their employees throughout the pandemic that “crises don’t build character, they reveal character.”

Today, Delta is remarkably bouncing back announcing its operating revenue, adjusted $8.3 billion for the September quarter 2021 improved 30 percent, or $1.9 billion more from June quarter 2021.

“Our September quarter marked an important milestone in our recovery, with our first quarterly profit since the start of the pandemic. Our revenues reached two-thirds of 2019 levels thanks to the industry-leading operational performance our people delivered through a busy summer, once again showing why they are the best in the business,” said Bastian.

The airline’s total passenger revenue was 63 percent recovered in the September quarter 2021 compared to September quarter 2019 on system capacity that was 71 percent restored compared to 2019 levels.

“While demand continues to improve, the recent rise in fuel prices will pressure our ability to remain profitable for the December quarter. As the recovery progresses, I am confident in our path to sustained profitability as we continue to provide best-in-class service to our customers, strengthen preference for our brand, while creating a simpler, more efficient airline,” the Delta CEO said.

Bastian, a business major graduate from New York’s St. Bonaventure University, began his career as auditor at Price Waterhouse now PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC). In 1981, he uncovered a $50 million fraud scheme involving ad powerhouse J. Walter Thompson, prompting a US Securities and Exchange Commission investigation, according to media reports. He was named the firm’s partner at age 31.

After PWC, Bastian moved to PepsiCo as vice president. He joined Delta in 1998 as Vice President – Finance and Controller and was promoted to Senior Vice President in 2000. He left Delta in 2005 and became Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Acuity Brands. He returned to Delta six months later to become Chief Financial Officer, and in 2007 was appointed to serve as Delta’s President.

Since being named Delta’s CEO in May 2016, Ed has expanded Delta’s leading position as the world’s most reliable airline while growing its global footprint and enhancing the customer experience in the air and on the ground.

During his tenure as CEO, Delta has become the world’s most awarded airline, having been named the No. 1 airline by J.D. Power; Wall Street Journal’s top U.S. airline; Fortune’s most admired airline worldwide; the most on-time global airline by FlightGlobal; among TIME100’s Most Influential Companies, a Glassdoor Best Place to Work and more.

In 2018, Fortune magazine named Bastian among “The World’s 50 Greatest Leaders,” and in 2019, he was elected to the membership of the Council on Foreign Relations. Most recently, Bastian was named among the Top 10 CEOs of 2021 in Glassdoor’s Employees’ Choice Awards as a leader who excelled at supporting their people throughout a global pandemic.

Bastian’s values-based leadership propelled the airline to become the industry leader and a trusted global brand, guided by empathy, humanity and devotion to service, which has served Delta well in good times and bad. He has served as a Delta leader and steered the company through the most challenging periods of the company’s history, including 9/11, bankruptcy and COVID-19.

As the world emerges from the pandemic, Delta is leading the industry in the recovery, harnessing the power of innovation and Delta’s people-focused culture to set the course for the future of travel.

Bastian who lives in Atlanta is deeply involved in his faith, family and community. He’s also into marathons, football and golf. And delights in the company of his dog, Oliver.

Sharing a photo of his young self in an Instagram post, the now 64-year-old Bastian wrote,  “Wow—I would have never imagined in this moment all the possibilities life could bring. Keep dreaming. Keep working. Keep climbing. Good things are always on the horizon.”