Vienna Airport continues to post strong growth in belly cargo

Published: Thursday, May 5, 2022

VIENNA, Austria—Vienna Airport continues to reap strong growth in belly cargo with the return of passenger flights doubling cargo volumes in January and February 2022 compared to the same period last year.

High frequencies of cargo-only freighters and new freight charter connections are creating further vital cargo capacities at Vienna Airport from Central and Eastern Europe to Asia and North America, for example, officials said.

In January 2022, Vienna Airport handled 20,770 tons, up by 5% compared to January 2021. In February, its cargo throughput reached 18,259 tons. Its annual tonnage grew by 20% in 2021 to 261,299 tons, from only 217,887 tons in 2020.

Officials attributed the rise in belly freight  to  increased volume of passenger connections with the global aviation industry resuming once again following months of inactivity due to the pandemic.

Vienna Airport said electronics and automotive industries are fueling growth in the cargo industry between Asia and Central and Eastern Europe. Cargo-only flights already connect Austria’s capital with important hubs such as Seoul-Incheon, Istanbul or Baku.

“Thanks to our excellent infrastructure and handling capacities, Vienna Airport has established itself as an ideally positioned air cargo hub for Central and Eastern Europe. With the addition of further flights, we are able to further expand our cargo capacities to Asia or North America, for example,” said Michael Zach, Vice President Sales & Finance, Ground Handling & Cargo Operations at Vienna Airport.

Regular “Preighter” flights have also been established to Taipei and Hanoi. New charter connections also complement Vienna’s cargo offering. At the end of 2021, for example, the logistics service provider cargo-partner launched a weekly part-charter program that will provide additional cargo capacity from Vienna to Chicago O’Hare Airport.

“In order to maintain supply chains, we have recently seen an increase of customer demand on this route. Vienna Airport serves us as an ideal hub for the catchment area throughout Central and Eastern Europe,” said Stefan Krauter, CEO of cargo-partner.