Study ranks Munich Airport as one of the best transfer airports in Europe

Published: Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Munich, Germany—Munich Airport remains one of the best-connected airports in Europe that’s according to a recent study by OAG (Official Airline Guide), a leading institution for data collection in the aviation and travel industry. The Bavarian aviation hub takes sixth place in Europe in terms of the number and quality of flight connections.
This positions Munich among the best transfer airports after London Heathrow, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Istanbul, and Paris Charles de Gaulle. The excellent connectivity of Munich Airport can be attributed to the rapid resumption of air traffic after the COVID-19 pandemic. As soon as travel restrictions were lifted, the Lufthansa Group, Munich’s largest operator, and its partner airlines decided to resume most flights.
In September 2023, 79 airlines offered regular nonstop service from Munich to 204 destinations in 60 countries. Fifteen of these destinations were within Germany. A total of 142 destinations were located in 36 European countries. An additional 47 destinations were served in 23 countries outside Europe.