Schiphol Airport to implement strict security measures as a response to theft incidents

Published: Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Schiphol Airport is responding to incidents of theft with the implementation of stricter security requirements from the start of 2024.

The airport will implement the Secure Import system that will see ground handlers advise forwarders when a shipment is ready for collection.

Forwarders will then instruct a company to pick up the shipment through the system.

The Secure Import system checks that these are the correct parties for this particular shipment and informs the ground handler who will be collecting it and when this will happen.

Yesterday, the concerned parties signed a “best effort declaration” in which they voiced their support for the development of the Secure Import system.

The airport said that the development comes as logistics companies and their employees are experiencing increasing problems due to criminal activities in the transport of cargo to and from Schiphol.

Maarten van As, managing director, Air Cargo Netherlands (ACN), said: “In response to several incidents of theft at Schiphol, together with our partner [security systems fimr] SmartLOXS and security managers at Schiphol, we have developed a ten-step plan to counter theft in the air cargo chain.

“The ACN pass plays an important role in this. The development and implementation of Secure Import is the final step in the plan and will ensure that Schiphol Airport is a forerunner in the fight against cargo theft.”

Joost van Doesburg, head of cargo at Schiphol Airport, added: “The introduction of Secure Import is one of the projects within Smart Cargo Mainport Program (SCMP) and contributes to the course we are taking with the cargo community: steering on quality and predictability.

“With this new system we can now even better protect goods transported via Schiphol against theft and undermining, and remain an attractive main port favored by shippers and forwarders to transport their high-quality cargo.”

Last year all air cargo handling agents at Schiphol tightened the rules for access to their forecourt with all driver visits to dnata, KLM Cargo, Menzies Aviation, Swissport and Worldwide Flight Services’ forecourts requiring advanced electronic notification.