NAP creates 6 sub-industry networks for members to interact, cooperate and maximize benefits

Published: Monday, July 31, 2023

Athens, Greece— Neutral Air Partner, the premier global platform of leading air cargo architects and aviation logistics specialists, launched its new air cargo logistics ecosystem with six sub-industry networks during its annual OPENAP conference last May in Greece.
This year, NAP has reformed and strengthened its air cargo logistics platform, enabling members to network more efficiently with six sub-industry networks. The new structure provides air cargo logistics firms with the opportunity to apply for membership in a sub-industry network tailored to their specialization and the company’s core industry sector activities.
Membership in Neutral Air Partner is an exclusive privilege extended to a selected number of elite local and regional airfreight professionals. Selection criteria ensure only the most suitable partners with niche-specific expertise are part of the network.
“One of the main objectives of NAP has always been to revive specialization and inject a greater degree of advanced air cargo expertise into the logistics industry, and to drive airfreight and express buying power across the air cargo supply chain. Sub-industry expertise and vertical focus are critical for collaboration and professional advancement. During our conference, we presented our new membership structure with the slogan ‘One air cargo logistics ecosystem | Six sub-industry networks “aiming to enable our members to more efficiently network, interact, cooperate, and excel,” said NAP CEO Christos Spyrou.
The new six sub-industry networks cater to air cargo logistics professionals from multiple industry sectors, including neutral consolidators and master co-loaders, time-critical logistics firms, GSSAs and brokers, perishable logistics experts, express and eCommerce providers, charter brokers and carriers, as well as general airfreight forwarders.

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