High-intensity sports, family & friends and traveling for this globe-trotting French air cargo executive

Published: Monday, May 8, 2023

French national Cedric Millet has always thought he’d end up in the aviation industry just like his father who worked in the airline sector.

“I wasn’t planning to go into the air cargo industry initially,” Millet shared. “My dad works in the airline industry. My sister wanted to be a pilot and I also wanted to become a pilot.But the pilot school in France was closed when I was in my university years because there were too many pilots already in the market.So, I ended up with an engineering course.”

Millet went on to study Bachelor of Science, Maths & Physics at Lycée Pierre de Fermat. Then, earned his master’s degree in General Engineering and another master’s in Aerospace Engineering. When he finished his graduate studies in 2000, he applied for a job at Air France’s maintenance department but was instead offered a cargo related work which he agreed to take.

From France, Millet flew to New York where his air cargo career began. “I started back in 2000 in New York for Air France Cargo. I discovered that it’s a very interesting industry. It’s a business that’s small enough to know and do a whole lot of things. When you work for the cargo division of an airline, you do operations and sales and then revenue and pricing, it’s all one business in one unit,” said Millet who is currently the Chief Strategy and Digital Officer of ECS Group, the world’s leading GSA company with over 171 offices in 52 countries.

“Then, I went from one job to another. And every time I took a new position, I keep on learning so there’s no other reason for me to go to another industry, I just fell in love with it,” he added.

Millet was still in New York when the tragic 9/11 terror attacked happened. He described the succeeding months as very challenging and a life changing experience.

During his career, Millet also experienced other challenging situations which include the merger of Air France with KLM, Doha International Airport’s relocation to Hamad International Airport in Qatar, among other things.

Despite his busy schedule, Millet finds time to spend with his family and friends as well as doing high-intensity sports, including running, which rejuvenate his mind and body.

“I do high-intensity sports. And I love spending time with my family and friends. And actually, what really helps is meditation. It helps to calm me down. Unfortunately, I don’t do it every day,” said Millet.

Born and raised in New Caledonia, a French territory in the Pacific with rich marine-life, near Vanuatu and Australia, Millet loves soaking up the sun. He dreams of visiting more often his birthplace where his parents still live. And one day, the Philippines and Hawaii, which are both famous as tropical paradise with world-class beaches.He also plans to go back to Argentina which he described as one of the most beautiful places in the world.

“Life for me is having quality time to spend with family and friends. Everyone dies right? So, when you go, you have great memories to look back with them. That’s the most precious thing you can have,” Millet sums it up.