Dubai Customs empowers Japanese authorities in intercepting $310 million methamphetamine shipment

Published: Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Dubai, UAE—Fully committed to combat transnationalorganized crime, Dubai Customs assisted Japanese customs authorities inintercepting a significant quantity of illegal drugs—up to 700 kilograms ofmethamphetamine powder, valued at approximately $310 million.

The illegal shipments wereconcealed within a cargo ship originating from an Asian country and bound forJapan. The successful operation led to the apprehension of both the cargo shipand the illicit substances at Tokyo port. This seizure stands as the second-largestdrug confiscation ever made in Japan.

This successful joint effort is part of Dubai Customs’ ongoing support to combatdrug trafficking globally. Their commitment to confronting customs risks andcurbing smuggling has earned international acclaim. It safeguards communitiesand youth from the detrimental effects of illicit substances.

Ahmed Mahboob Musabih, the Director General of Dubai Customs and theCEO of the Ports, Customs, and Free Zone Corporation, emphasized thestrategic relationships and strong collaboration that Dubai Customs maintainswith customs authorities worldwide.

He highlighted the primary objective of thesepartnerships, which is to enhance cooperation across various customs sectors,facilitating increased trade volume and addressing security concerns by
effectively combatting cross-border crimes.

He further underscored Dubai Customs’ significant global role in this domain andhighlighted their proactive assistance to numerous countries in interceptingsubstantial quantities of illicit drugs. This noteworthy contribution not onlyreinforces Dubai’s global reputation in safeguarding communities from such agrave threat but also strengthens its position on the global competitivenessindexes.

Dr. Khaled Al Mansouri, the Director of Customs Intelligence Department atDubai Customs, expressed his delight at the effective intervention by Japanesecustoms authorities in foiling a drug smuggling operation at Tokyo Port, thanks tothe information provided by Dubai Customs.

He emphasized that Dubai Customsremains dedicated to intelligence-driven efforts in combating drug trafficking, withthe ultimate goal of fostering a society free from the scourge of narcotics. These
endeavors further strengthen the collaborative ties between Dubai and variousglobal customs agencies, enabling them to confront organized crime and the illicittrade of banned substances, while underscoring Dubai’s influential leadershipand its distinguished international model.