Dubai Customs empowers Canada in seizing over 547 kg of narcotics, strengthening global efforts against drug smuggling

Published: Monday, June 5, 2023

Dubai, UAE—Collaborating with customsadministrations worldwide and tracking suspicious shipments through advanced techniques, Dubai Customs is taking the lead in the fight against global drug smuggling.

Its relentless efforts have resulted in the seizure of a significantquantity of drugs—over 547 kilograms—discovered in shipping containers originating from anAsian country and destined for Canada.

Dubai Customs’ sophisticated systems for tracking suspicious shipments and exchanging vitalinformation with customs authorities across the globe have garnered widespread recognition. Its relentless dedication to combatting cross-border crimes and preventing the illicit traffickingof prohibited substances, both regionally and internationally, serves to safeguard communitiesfrom the devastating consequences of drug abuse.

Ahmed MahboubMusabih, Director General of Dubai Customs and CEO of the Ports,Customs, and Free Zone Corporation, emphasized the vital role of Dubai Customs instrengthening bilateral relations between the United Arab Emirates and friendly nations. Theirprimary focus is on facilitating smooth trade operations, fostering increased commercialexchange, and collaborating to combat organized crimes. These efforts have earnedwidespread acclaim from the World Trade Organization, the World Customs Organization andthe International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol), further enhancing the UAE’s globalcompetitiveness.

“We are pleased to have supported Canadian authorities in apprehending thissignificant quantity of narcotics. We commend the Dubai Customs officers for their exceptionalwork in intelligence analysis, shipment tracking, and the seamless exchange of information andexpertise in all aspects of security and customs operations with various entities,” said Musabih.

Dr. Khaled Al Mansouri, Director of Customs Intelligence Department at Dubai Customs,emphasizes the paramount importance of combating international crime as a core focus ofDubai Customs. The aim is to bolster the UAE’s standing in global security.

To this end, thegovernment organization dedicates all its resources and capabilities to safeguarding the globalsupply chain. With internally developed innovative systems, Dubai Customs effectively analyzes data and monitors high-risk operations, driven by its skilled workforce.

Among its noteworthy intelligent systems is the Risk Engine, which receives valuable insightsfrom multiple channels, encompassing customs data on goods and individuals. The CustomsIntelligence Department team at Dubai Customs meticulously analyzes this information toproactively identify risks and intercept suspicious shipments. This streamlined approachexpedites the clearance process for legitimate transactions, ensuring exceptional customerservice that saves time and effort.

Moreover, it upholds trade facilitation while safeguardingsociety from the perils of smuggling. These efforts align with Dubai Customs’ vision ofspearheading secure customs practices on a global scale.

At the heart of this endeavor lies the Control Center, a groundbreaking facility in the region and the Arab world. Equipped with cutting-edge systems, the center operates round the clock to monitor customs security operations. Its responsibilities encompass the diligent surveillance of cameras strategically positioned across Dubai’s customs outlets, including land, sea, and air ports.