Boom Supersonic: As demand for international summer air travel surges, passengers look to a Supersonic future

Published: Monday, June 5, 2023

Centennial Airport, Dove Valley, Colorado—After the travel industry entered a holding pattern during the COVID-19 pandemic, passengers are taking to the skies again—and this summer, many will have passports in-hand.

According to Expedia data, flight searches are up 25% overall for June through August 2023 travel compared to the same time last year, and interest is up triple digits for international destinations across Europe and Asia.

London, Rome, and Paris are among the top five international flight searches, with trending country destinations that include New Zealand, Vietnam, and Japan, which continues to see incredible interest and is one of the fastest-growing international destinations year-to-date for U.S. travelers. Flight searches for summer are up significantly compared to the same time period last year for Osaka (+592%), Tokyo (+290%), and Kyoto (+265%).

With international flights top of mind, so is a faster travel future from airlines. In a recent study with global premium passengers, interest in supersonic air travel is sky high, driven by faster flight times, such as San Francisco to Tokyo in 6:00 hours instead of more than 10 hours. Philadelphia to London in 3:45 hours instead of 6:45 hours or Miami to Madrid in 4:25 hours instead of 7:35 hours. Flying supersonic will mean that overnight flights are no longer needed and weekend trips from the eastern seaboard to the UK or Europe are possible.

“With the resurgence of air travel, the vital importance of connecting with people and exploring the world in-person has only been further solidified,” said Tracy Bevington SVP, Commercial Product and Services at Boom Supersonic. “And it’s clear that fliers want and believe that sustainable supersonic flight on Overture will make the world dramatically more accessible and change both where people choose to go, and who they choose to fly.”

For these passengers, supersonic isn’t a far-off dream. More than 9 in 10 believe that commercial supersonic will be a booking option within the next 10 years, versus 74% a year earlier, and 87% would switch from their preferred airline to access supersonic flight.

Boom Supersonic currently has orders and pre-orders for its sustainable, supersonic airliner, Overture from United Airlines, American Airlines, and Japan Airlines.