Awery’s ERP platform to be integrated with Airnautic and AD Aviation

Published: Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Awery Aviation Services has entered into separate agreements with Airnautic and AD Aviation which will see them integrate Awery’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform into their current software.

The system will streamline both companies’ sales, operations, and finance functions, as well as supporting bookings through Awery’s CargoBooking system.

Airnautic, a general sales and service agent (GSSA) founded in 1958, is an air cargo specialist headquartered in Switzerland.

General sales agent (GSA) AD Aviation has provided air cargo management, sales, and operation for a variety of carriers since 1991.

“Over recent years the speed of air cargo digitization has been relentless as the measurable benefits for both GSAs and GSSAs have been indisputable,” said Vitaly Smilianets, Awery chief executive.

“Awery’s tech was designed and created as a tool to drive efficiencies for GSAs and GSSAs and these two new agreements are indicative of just that.”

Philippe Queloz, COO, Airnautic said, “Our goal is to reach the next level of operational excellence and to serve our customers in the best possible manner.

“Our partnership with Awery Aviation Software will integrate their latest technology to our service enabling us to further grow and expand our business over all.”

Awery’s ERP platform provides full connectivity of all business and operational activities using the latest AI (Artificial Intelligence) to automate previously manual tasks.

Real time analytics will enable the two companies to provide better customer service, deliver optimal flight management, and make more informed commercial decisions.

“We found in Awery a partner who understands our changing needs, with high flexibility in delivering a tailor-made solution for our operation from A to Z.” said Udi Dror, general manager of AD Aviation.