Aircargo Challenge 39


#1. Which cargo handler chose Qstep air cargo handling platform for its operation at Riga International Airport (RIX)?

#2. What were 1st used to label train cars on the railroad?

#3. What can a world’s largest cargo ship carry?

#4. In the US, how many people are employed by the freight and logistics industry who depend on it as their only source of income?

#5. Tom Stuker logged in just how many miles in a single year as the world’s most frequent flyer?

#6. The 747 family has flown more than 5.6 billion people, which is equal to how many percentage of the world’s population?

#7. Which airline invented business class in 1979?

#8. How many billions of manufactured goods are transported by trucks annually?

#9. According to IATA, in 2016, how many tons of goods were transported, that represented more than 35% of global trade by value?

#10. What kind of cargo is dangerous goods?