A healthy lifestyle, traveling, sports and reading keep this EVP always on the go

Published: Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Aviation is one of the busiest among the industries. It operates 24/7 across different time zones and continents. No doubt, its people are also among the busiest and hardworking, facing different and numerous challenges every day.

But for Thomas Konietzko, the Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Celebi Aviation Holding, aviation is his chosen path.

For him, aviation’s technical aspect intertwined with constant technological advancements, is fascinating.

“My passion for aviation is easier explained by my fascination to flying and technology as an avid business traveler. The amount of detail in the formulation of standard operating procedures and how the logistics have to be managed for on–time arrival and departure can explain it. At first glance, I have seen lots of opportunities to work in aviation as it includes passenger handling, cargo, air traffic control, aircraft engineering and more. The requirements of sophisticated technological advancements as well as the technical aspect inspired me,”  Thomas shared.

Celebi first stepped into the aviation industry as a ground handling firm in 1958 becoming Turkey’s first privately-owned ground handling services company. Today, Celebi stands out as one of the most successful examples of integrated services in the Turkish civil aviation industry offering ramp, passenger, cargo handling, warehouse management, bridge operations, trucking, general aviation, airport lounge management and premium services. And Thomas is part of the company’s more than 10,000 people behind its success.

To keep his work and life balanced, Thomas said he takes care of his health first. “A couple of years ago, I set health as my first priority. It’s important to create a routine for a scheduled workout and make it a requirement to strictly follow, even during business travel. Avoid negative stress by setting boundaries when leaving the workplace and take the time to decompress.”

Thomas says he destresses from his hectic work environment by taking regular breaks during workdays. Traveling, either for work or during holidays, also keeps him going.

“My method of relaxation during workdays is taking breaks regularly, talking to colleagues and over a cup of coffee and taking your mind off the ongoing tasks. Take a walk outside, if possible to breathe deeply and think of enjoyable moments for the weekend or upcoming vacation. Sometimes it may just be good advice to lean back and take a moment to meditate and feel your body to be relaxed,” he said.

Traveling is a hobby that many people, including Thomas, enjoy to get some peace of mind or recharge.

“My favorite travel destination is East and South Africa. The vast nature and animals living in the wild are fascinating. People have the natural ability to be kind and happy and it makes us think twice about the problems we think of at home,” Thomas shared.

He also likes playing or watching different types of sports. “With my focus on health, I follow various sports, from watching soccer, tennis, and basketball tournaments. Personally, I enjoy skiing, spinning, and running.”

Reading is also another hobby that Thomas enjoys doing. “I enjoy reading different types of novels and documentaries, from adventure to comedy, from politics to economics, without a particular author in mind.”